May 21

Thursday May 21, 2020


Good morning families!

Just a quick reminder, this is the last post you will see from me until Tuesday May 26th. There is no school tomorrow or Monday due to Memorial Day weekend. I hope all of you have a WONDERFUL weekend and can get outside to enjoy the weather together. For those of you who celebrate Ramadan – Eid Mubarak this weekend as well! <3


Good morning friends! Today we are going to be learning about firefighters as part of our Community Helpers week!

Language, Literacy & Communication:

Today we are going to write the letter Mm in fire colors! Write both capital and lowercase Mm in a red, yellow, orange pattern on your paper today. You can also practice writing your first and last name in fire colors. First, write your name in all red. Next write your name in all yellow. Last, write your name in all orange. Have your grown up take a picture and send it to me today.

I also have a fun story for you today. This story has our favorite animal, Pete the Cat! In this story, he is visiting the firehouse and learning about firefighters. I hope you like it!


For today’s math activity, you are going to need the dice I gave you when I dropped off materials at your house, some crayons or markers to color with and for your grown up to print this paper for you:

Here is what you will do: First, roll one of the dice. Next, count the dots on the dice to see how many dots there are on the side that landed face up. Find the number on the paper that matches the number of dots on your dice and color it. Keep doing this until you have found all of the numbers. Have your grown up take a picture of your paper when you’re done and send it to me on Remind.


We are getting REALLY close to the end of our preschool year. It is extra important for you to keep practicing doing things on your own, without help from your grown up. You need to be really good at this in order to go to Young 5s or Kindergarten next year.

Mr. Liepe had a parent from his class – who is a firefighter – make this video to show you how the firefighters get dressed in all their protective gear and equipment. Check it out!

After you watch this video, it’s your turn! Go find a shirt or a sweater that has buttons on it… pants that have a button and a zipper on it…. socks…. and shoes! Put all of these things on BY YOURSELF (just like the firefighters do!) Your grown up is NOT allowed to help! Even if it’s tricky for you to do. It’s important to keep trying and keep practicing. (Note to grown ups: if you’re child is REALLY struggling or getting upset while they do this, you can step in and how them HOW to button their shirt or pants, but then un-do the button and let them try again!)

When you’re dressed, snap a picture and send it to me!


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