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This week’s reminders

on February 9, 2014

Star of the Week:  Ariana for week of 2/10-2/14

When we return from break Hadi will be the Star of the Week for 3/3-3/7.

Valentine’s day – we will be having a school wide Valentine’s day party.  Our time for the party is 2:25-2:55.  If you would like to volunteer to help with a game or donate food please contact Mr. Borg at  In class we will share Valentine’s day cards.  There are 19 students, please buy or make Valentine’s for everyone so no one feels left out.  Here are all the names:

Soukayna Z.
Sukayna B.

Valentine’s box – All students will also need a box to collect their Valentine’s cards.  A shoe box or Kleenex box are about the right size.  Please decorate their box at home and remember to include their name in big letter’s so everyone will know whose box it is.

Book order were due on Friday 2/7 – If there are anymore book orders, that are not turned in, I will accept them until the end of the day Monday, 2/10/14.

Mid-winter break – There will be no school February 17-21, 2014.  School resumes on February 24, 2014.

Spelling tests this week: We will be doing last Friday’s spelling test on Monday, February 10th and we will do our regular spelling test on Friday, February 14th.

Below are the weeks that I will test on tomorrow 2/10:

2nd grade
Student # 1 test on week 29
Student # 2 test on week 19
Student # 3 test on week 22
Student # 4 test on week 17
Student # 5 test on week 22
Student # 6 test on week  17
Student # 7 test on week 28
Student # 8 test on week 17
Student # 9 test on week  22
Student # 10 test on week 20
Student # 11 test on week 10
Student # 12  test on week 10
Student # 20 test on week 19
3rd grade
Student # 13 test on week 20
Student # 14 test on week 12
Student # 15 test on week  15
Student # 16 test on week 13
Student # 17 test on week 15
Student # 18 test on week 17
Student # 19 test on week 29



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