Jan 17 2020

Q2 Grades Finalized

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your half day off / the beginning of your long weekend!

As of right now (1:30pm) all Q2 grades have been put in and finalized. Check student connect!

Please do not send me e-mails this weekend asking to change your grade. All students and parents should be aware that reminders were discussed and posted in my classroom for the past few weeks about classroom due dates. All missing work was due Jan. 15 with the exception of a few assignments collected last week that I accepted until 11:30am today. ALL grades are FINALIZED now.

Students should be taking their binders home this weekend to “retire” old materials. All Bellwork from September – November can be removed, as well as assignments numbered 1-33. Set them to the side in case we need them for final exams! Binders should be organized as follows:

  • Plastic folder is empty.
  • Bellwork tab: Bellwork starting Dec. 2 – today is on 3 pages. The most current Bellwork page should be on top.
  • Current Work tab: New Table of Contents were given today starting with assignment #34. Assignments should be after the TOC in number order. Assignment numbers 37, 39, 40 and 41 are either ready to be passed back or currently being graded, so they will not be in current work this weekend.
  • Vocabulary tab: The following pages should be placed here: Systems and System Models Vocabulary, Constraints/Criteria Frayer Models, Unit 8.1 Frayer models (Lesson 2: Genes, Lesson 3: Distribution) and Unit 8.6 frayer models (May still be in pick-up bin waiting to be passed back.)
  • Resources tab: Unit 8.6 Summary Table should be here and any miscellaneous papers (group paperwork, syllabus, etc.)

Please restock student materials for Quarter 3: pencils, pens, colored pencils, lined paper, binders if they need to be replaced. Let’s start on the right foot!!! Thank you and have a wonderful long weekend 🙂

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