Office Hours

My preferred method of contact is by e-mail or private comment. You can send an e-mail or private comment any day or time and I can check it at my convenience. My life is hectic right now with two kids, creating online content for you, tons of meetings, etc. so it is not easy for me to specify times when I am available. However, I am doing my best to respond to e-mails and comments immediately if possible, and if not, then within 24 hours. I can be e-mailed at

I can also be reached by phone. My school phone number is 313-451-0159. However, please understand that usually I will not answer this phone number. Leave a voicemail and I will try to return your call. Please also understand that ALL messages are recorded and can be traced back to you. Nothing is anonymous in this digital world. If your call is not school-related or for emotional support, there can be consequences for you. Thank you for respecting my privacy!

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