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Mar 28 2019

End of Q3

Good afternoon families,

I just wanted to write a few things down for you all to acknowledge regarding the end of Q3.

  • The quarter ends as we leave for Spring Break.
  • I will not be adding any Q3 grades after we return. Everything must be in to me before the end of the day Friday.
  • Today I had a very large turnout of students taking last minute quiz retakes to increase their score.
    • Whether your child stayed today and completed some retakes or wish they would have been able to stay, please keep in mind that I do mini-tutoring sessions every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the quarter and your child had MANY opportunities to stay after with me to complete these quizzes.
    • Waiting until the last minute and being unable to stay is a bummer for sure, but is a valuable lesson in time management.
    • Students were also struggling to recall old information from quizzes we took weeks ago — this could have been avoided if students retook the quiz right after they knew their score wasn’t great.
  • Aside from a few odds and ends (quiz retakes, various missing work, extra credit turned in this week), grades are updated with the most recent assignments for you to view on Student Connect.
Mar 12 2019

Quiz Retakes Clarification

I wanted to clarify some things about quiz retakes.

If a student is staying for quiz retakes, they must be able to get a ride home from a parent after their quiz is over. The tutoring and quiz retake does not take 2 whole hours and I do not always stay late enough to put students on the late bus! I turned several kids away and asked them to reschedule because they thought they were going to stay until 5.

Generally speaking, quiz retakes take about 15-30 minutes depending on the length of the quiz and what your child’s misunderstanding on their original quiz was. I will allow students to call their ride if needed, or parents can wait in the car for a short time while their child retakes the quiz.

Thank you for your understanding! Quiz retakes allow students to correct misunderstandings on the information we cover in class.

Mar 4 2019


All quizzes can be retaken one time for a higher score. Before the retake can take place, students must attend 1 after school study session with Mrs. Harrison. These study sessions are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays unless otherwise specified by Mrs. Harrison. The quiz can be retaken that same day after a reteach has been given to the student.

Students may look at their quizzes during these after school sessions only. I do not pass back quizzes during class.

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