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Apr 2 2020

Seismic Stuff

Hey all you cool cats and kittens! ๐Ÿ™‚

I posted a question on Google Classroom. It should only take you a minute or two to complete this simple assignment. Happy Thursday!

Apr 1 2020

Final Project

Students are working on their final project for Unit 8.6. There is not much to it except there are a lot of directions. Consider watching the screencast video I posted with your child and talking with them about what needs to be in their slideshow. They have until April 12th to turn this project in for full credit. Some students were able to finish the whole project in a couple of hours on day 1, so there is no reason your child should be waiting until Spring Break to work on this project… however the time is there & available if you need it.

Mar 29 2020

Spirit Week

Monday: Photo wearing online learning pajamas
Tuesday: Photo eating quarantine snacks
Wednesday: Photo with “classmates” (family members/pets)
Thursday: Photo doing something ACTIVE!
Friday: Woodworth Pride photo

Tag photos on Insta #WoodworthStrong
OR DM Photos on Insta to @WoodworthStudentCouncil
OR e-mail to Ms. Charara (If you are e-mailing, add my e-mail to it, too! I want to see!)

Mar 26 2020

Q3 Grades

Quarter 3 Report Card grades are in and finalized. They include all assignments through the Earthquake Lab we did before the shutdown. Some assignments were reserved for Quarter 4 because their due dates were impacted by the school shutdown. All Online Learning assignments will be reserved for quarter 4 as well.

Please do not ask me to accept any late work for Quarter 3. The original late work deadline was March 20th and I extended it to March 25th to accommodate people trying to do it or submit it electronically. No further late work will be accepted, and grades for Quarter 3 are final. Thank you!

Mar 25 2020

Google Hangouts

Here is the schedule for Friday’s Google Hangouts. I set up 1-hour times for each class period starting at noon and going for 1 hour with a short break for me to get up and stretch in between.

You are not required to come to the Google Hangouts but if you are available and you want to check in with me and some people from class please consider joining us! You can join from your e-mail or your phone.

When I joined a Hangouts with the teachers on Monday, my browser asked me for permission to use my microphone and my webcam. If you are not comfortable with the webcam you can turn it off and use the chat function. We’re just playing around with this for now to see if it’s something I’d like to use more with Online Learning. ๐Ÿ™‚

Mar 25 2020

Tornado Siren Testing Today

Tornado sirens all across Michigan will be tested today at 1pm. Do not be alarmed. Use the time to check out your basement and make sure there is a safe place to duck for cover in the event of a tornado.

Mar 24 2020


Quiz is due tomorrow! Third hour is still in the lead. Check Google Classroom stream in about an hour for a list of names of who needs to be gently encouraged to do their quiz. ๐Ÿ™‚ I do not want to post names publicly on the iBlog. Thank you!
Mar 23 2020

Current Natural Hazard Events

Precursors: Yellowstone National Park has an area that has been growing taller and shorter over the last 10 years, almost like the ground is breathing in and out.

Earthquakes: Salt Lake City was rocked by a 5.7 magnitude earthquake on March 18 and has been experiencing aftershocks (like smaller earthquakes) since.

  • I am taking classes to get an advanced education degree and my mentor for my program lives in Salt Lake City! Thankfully, she is safe and her home is okay, but she is having such a hard time sleeping because the aftershocks are unpredictable and scary.

Hurricane season in North America starts June 1

Peak tornado season in North America is May-June.

Mar 23 2020

Monday Update

Good morning everyone!

Some of you will panic when you log in to Google Classroom. Take a deep breath with me before you lose your mind!

All three assignments follow the same Powerpoint. Please do them in order! They are presented to you in the same order they would have been presented in class this week.

Online Assignment #3 has you investigating technologies that mitigate natural hazard damages. Mitigate is a new word for you – you learn about it through the first of this week’s three assignments. This assignment should take about an hour to complete. Don’t try to finish it all in one day if you don’t want to. Break it up into manageable pieces. To be on track, you need to finish it by Wednesday, however it is not due until Sunday night.

Online Assignment #4 has you connecting the investigation you did in #3 to the state and hazard you have been working with. Just like we always do! We are gearing up for our final project… which… hint! Will be your assigned work for next week. ๐Ÿ™‚ This assignment should take about an hour if you are really doing the research you need to do using the PDF file. To be on track, finish this assignment by Thursday night… however it is not due until Sunday night.

Online Assignment #5 is checking your understanding of using technology to mitigate natural disasters by giving you an example of mitigating a rock slide. A rock slide is when rocks start to loosen and fall off of the edge of a steep cliff, usually onto a road or walkway, causing an enormous hazard for anybody passing by under there. The assignment describes two ways to mitigate the hazard and you are writing a short CER to explain which one is better & why. This assignment should take you less than 30 minutes and it is due on Sunday night.

You also have a quiz that is due on Wednesday. I know this makes it feel like a lot but I designed the assignments to guide you along the way… and you should have already done your quiz!!

Try not to fall behind on online work… when we come back to school we will review the assignments and slide the grades over to Gradebook once everyone is all back on the same page again. Some people without access to the Internet may be a few assignments behind the rest of us so we will spend the time getting everyone on the same page again with your support since you’re here with me doing online learning. ๐Ÿ™‚

As ALWAYS, I’m here for you. There are MANY MANY MANY ways for you to reach me for support. The best way is by e-mail because I can answer it in between all the many responsibilities I have…

Good luck and I hope you are all doing well ๐Ÿ™‚

Mar 21 2020

3rd hour… wow!

Are you all gonna let 3rd hour do you like this?

Over half of them have submitted the quiz. The handwritten number is what percent of students have finished it. Due Wednesday!

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