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Mar 28 2019

End of Q3

Good afternoon families,

I just wanted to write a few things down for you all to acknowledge regarding the end of Q3.

  • The quarter ends as we leave for Spring Break.
  • I will not be adding any Q3 grades after we return. Everything must be in to me before the end of the day Friday.
  • Today I had a very large turnout of students taking last minute quiz retakes to increase their score.
    • Whether your child stayed today and completed some retakes or wish they would have been able to stay, please keep in mind that I do mini-tutoring sessions every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the quarter and your child had MANY opportunities to stay after with me to complete these quizzes.
    • Waiting until the last minute and being unable to stay is a bummer for sure, but is a valuable lesson in time management.
    • Students were also struggling to recall old information from quizzes we took weeks ago — this could have been avoided if students retook the quiz right after they knew their score wasn’t great.
  • Aside from a few odds and ends (quiz retakes, various missing work, extra credit turned in this week), grades are updated with the most recent assignments for you to view on Student Connect.
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