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Hello families!

My name is Mrs. Harrison and I am new to Woodworth this year. I am assigned to 8th grade Science along with Mr. Saleh.  

Some of the topics on schedule to cover this year include:

  • Natural Selection
  • History of Life and Earth
  • Sound and Light
  • Solar System and Seasons
  • Weather, Climate, and Agriculture
  • Natural Hazards
  • Climate Change

Please feel free to reach out to me at any time via e-mail:

I usually check this e-mail multiple times daily… but if it is the weekend or a break from school, please be patient as those are my times to unplug and unwind, just like you! I may not check as often during those times. Thank you!

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  1. dear mrs harrison can you print me michigan or tell me where i can get it from, its for assignment #51 please and thank you.

    Wisam Almurisi on said:

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