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Mar 8 2019

New Tardy Policy

Good Afternoon Parents!

Monday we are rolling out a new tardy policy.

Each teacher will track tardies in their own class. You can expect to hear from me when your child has reached 3 tardies in class. After this parent contact, your child is at risk of serving detention for additional tardies.

This is especially important considering my classroom is so far away from everywhere else. Students have 6 minutes to cross the building to get to my class. They do not have much room at all to lag in the hallway and talk to friends.

I had one class today where only 4 out of 21 students showed up on time!!! Those students were given a token of appreciation from me 🙂

Please discuss with your children now ways that they can improve their punctuality and show up on time. Thank you! Have a great weekend! No homework!

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