Feb 11 2020

Assignment #51

Today we connected our ideas about severity of damage caused by natural hazards to our Unit Challenge. Students researched natural hazards that are common in their assigned states and gathered data on what is the most costly issue facing people in that state. They will eventually use this to create a final project for the unit where they come up with ideas to use science and engineering to help prepare and protect people from that hazard. This research is an important step in that process!

Students needed access to Google Classroom in order to complete the assigned questions. Only some group members logged in because they were working using one computer per group. If a student needs access to the materials, they will have to join Google Classroom using the code that matches their class period. The codes are below.

Website: classroom.google.com
Click + to join class and enter code:

1st hour: i6r4vrh
2nd hour: qomfgx3
3rd hour: 22rwh6w
4th hour: xvehe77
6th hour: brzjguh

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