Sep 8 2020

9/8 A DAY

Zoom sessions this morning went really well. If you are still struggling, here are some tips for success:

  • Keep a written or printed copy of your classes and the A and B day schedules. I like to keep mine on a card with A on one side and B on the other, filled in with all of my classes. I added “Blank Schedule Template” to the Resources folder in all of my Science classes which is great if you have a printer!
  • Check your email and Schoology for Zoom links early in the morning to see if they are already there for you. I actually keep a doc in my Drive called “Week at a Glance” and I use it like a schedule except I also copy and paste links into it as I get them so that I can find them easily when it’s time to use them.
  • The number for the tech department is 313-827-3003 if you are still having trouble. Teachers are only trained to troubleshoot very basic problems but the tech department can usually help if we can’t!

Asynchronous sessions begin at 12:10. Log in to your 4th hour teacher FIRST. Their work needs to be done by 1:05 in order to be marked present for the day! Then work on 5th hour, which has to be done by 2:05, and then 6th hour which has to be done by 3:10.

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