Jan 10 2020

Thursday / Friday

#40 Australia CCR
So far we have:
__ Circled confusing / unfamiliar words
__ Selected our “Golden Line”
__ Answered 6 questions to summarize the article for Box 1.

Students did not turn in this assignment because we will work on Boxes 2-4 next week.

#41 Mayor Letter

The mayor of your city is worried about identifying the parts of the city that might be affected by a future flood. He is looking for someone to help him assess the flooding hazard. Write a short letter describing to him how you will help him identify those areas. Your description should mention how patterns can help predict future natural hazards. You should also describe some of the possible benefits of the assessment you will conduct.

Dear Mayor,

(Short Letter)

Sincerely, or Best Regards,
Your Name Your Name

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