Jan 21 2020

Hazard Distribution Map Questions (Add to #42 Maps)

Today’s assignment was to add these five questions to #42 – Hazard Distribution Maps. The assignment was passed back but has not been graded yet. It will be graded with the questions from today and tomorrow added on.

1. Does this hazard occur in every state?
2. Is there a lot of variation in the number of events of this kind?
3. Which states have similar numbers? Are they near each other?
4. What state or region has most events?
5. What state or region has the least?

Questions 6 through 9 were added on 1-22-20

6. What do we have to assume about the conditions that caused the hazard to forecast a future hazard?
7. Think about all 5 natural hazards. Are they distributed evenly throughout the United States? Why or why not?
8. How might data from past hazard events be used to predict future hazard events?
9. If there are 80 earthquakes on average in Oregon per year, does that mean there WILL be 80 next year? Why or why not?

Hazard maps and questions 1-9 will all be due when students walk into class on Thursday, 1-23-20. Thank you 🙂

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