Bryant Natural Wonders Courtyard

Bryant Middle School

April 20, 2017
by Nicole Mark


Former Bryant student, David LeVasseur, is well on his way to earning his Eagle Scout Badge.  He spent hours working in the Bryant courtyard over spring break. Helping him were boy scouts, Mr. LeVasseur,  Kaylyn LeVasseur and Ms. Tozzi. Take a look! The flower beds have been cleaned up, new mulch added, and more stones added around flower beds. The clean up and freshening up occurred Thursday and Friday of spring break.



The next courtyard project includes adding river rock and tall grasses and flowers to the area by the atrium as well as planting more flowers outside the fence. You can help by donating perennials from the following list. Contact Mrs. Mark to arrange to drop off donations: 313-827-2910 or

Plant Donations:

Bulbs: Tulip and Daffodils

Various Parennials

For the Butterfly Garden area, the following are available from the Spring Hill Nursery Catalogue:

Seduction Series Yarrow – Item #61056 (pink) #61025 (yellow) sells for $7.49

Mexican Sunflower – Item #64999 sells for $4.99

Blue Fortune Hummingbird Mint – Item #69337 sells for $7.49

Mango Tango Hummingbird Mint – Item #66032 sells for $7.49

Pink Fizz Heucherella – Item #65928 sells for $12.99

Beneficial Bug Habitat – Item #61301 sells for $59.00

Hanging Roosting Pocket – Item 69230 sells for $12.99

December 15, 2016
by Nicole Mark

Former Bryant Eagle still has our back!

Former Bryant Eagle, David LeVasseur pictured here in top left, is pictured with his Boy Scout Troop 1147. David is working toward his Eagle Scout Rank and has decided to make the Bryant Natural Wonders Courtyard his focus. You will find him and his troop working in the courtyard in the spring to prepare it for teachers to use. He will be adding some aspects that will optimize outdoor learning. Thanks for your dedication, David!

December 13, 2016
by Nicole Mark

Courtyard Mission Statement


 Our mission is to build and develop a greater understanding and appreciation of nature
through exploration and guided use of this microcosmic ecosystem .  The appreciation for this natural wonder extends into every genre of the academic experience in art, music, literature, math, social studies and science.  By taking advantage of this outdoor classroom,
engaging in authentic learning activities in a natural environment, and expanding our insight, we can truly develop a deeper and appreciative understanding of what it is to be a part of the natural world.
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