Bryant Natural Wonders Courtyard

Bryant Middle School

An Outdoor Classroom/Project Based Learning

Our vision for the Bryant Natural Wonders courtyard is to enhance student’s achievement of common core state standards across content areas as related specifically to the learning targets within the Dearborn Education Curriculum using project based learning. In a project based approach, students work over an extended time period for a purpose beyond satisfying a school requirement. Research suggests that reading and writing for specific purposes is associated with stronger reading and writing growth. Also, project based approaches are more engaging than many traditional kinds of instruction. Within the science curriculum, engagement with topics such as; identifying the components of an ecosystem, pond water food web, the importance of soil, understanding rocks and minerals and ecology walk among others, can be facilitated. Other content areas such as art, math, and global environmental issues can be taught so that there is cross curricular content being accessed and enhanced using authentic problem solving activities.


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