Bryant Natural Wonders Courtyard

Bryant Middle School

History of the Bryant Courtyard

ruth-in-courtyardMany people and organizations have made Bryant’s Natural Wonders Courtyard a sustainable mini-ecosystem; Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, Dearborn Garden Club, PTSA, Home Depot, community donors, parents, and student fundraisers.  Nine years have passed since Ms. Tozzi and Bryant’s students started this project.  Together they built a legacy for the future.  Ms. Tozzi’s tenacity and vision were the foundation for our “Natural Wonders” courtyard.  When Ms. Tozzi was teaching at Bryant, she worked tirelessly and often daily to help our students realize this dream.  Thanks to her and to all of our volunteers and supporters, a dream has been realized!  Ms. Tozzi continues to be dedicated to the courtyard and provides guidance to the Courtyard Committee. She also maintains the pond, waters the plants in the summer and trims and picks weeds among other tasks.

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