Bryant Natural Wonders Courtyard

Bryant Middle School

Money Donations

Click here for the Go Fund Me Account

During the parent teacher conferences, a hassle free fundraiser for the courtyard will begin. The maintenance of the courtyard costs about $500 per year. This year we want to expand our efforts in order to plant trees along the Telegraph fence line. (Please see the Future Plans tab for more details). If every family were to donate $5, we would be well on our way to completing our current projects.

For every family that makes a donation of $50 or greater, their name will be placed on our Bryant Courtyard Plaque. Every business that makes a donation of $100 or greater, their business name will be placed on the plaque that is displayed just to the left of the main office doors.

Checks can be written to Bryant Courtyard Club. Cash donations are also accepted and can be dropped off in the office.

Thank you for considering making a donation and helping us to enrich your child’s education with experiences in the Natural Wonders Courtyard/Classroom.

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