Bryant Natural Wonders Courtyard

Bryant Middle School

Eighth Grade Students Study in the Outdoor Classroom


Mrs. Doner’s enrichment class has been helping in the Courtyard.  Here are some of their reflections:


Natural Wonders

When you think of a garden and a pond, you don’t think of one being at school. Well at Bryant Middle School things are different.  We believe that students should always have access to nature. What I am talking about is the Natural Wonders AKA the Courtyard. The Courtyard is right next to the cross walk. When you are in the Courtyard you are closer to nature at school. For example, after a storm we went to the Courtyard to check out the pond. We saw tadpoles in the pond and we took pictures of them. We also like to reuse old things. Like, there was a rusted wheelbarrow and we took it, added rocks on the bottom, then put soil on top of it, then we took flowers and planted them in the wheelbarrow. It looks fabulous! So stop by our Bryant “Natural Wonders” and explore all it has to offer.  


Mrs.  Lessel took her eighth grade English class outside.  They were reading, studying and working cooperatively while enjoying the Courtyard.




~Special Thanks to Mrs. Lessel and the Student Council for their ongoing support and encouragement for use of the Courtyard~

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

-The Courtyard Committee

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