Updates for 10-16-17


Reading log homework this  week has a setting theme.  Students must read for 20 minutes and then write about the setting of what they read. Some setting sentence frames that may be used this week are:

This story takes place…

I would describe the setting as…

The setting is important to the story because…

If this story took place in another setting…

We did work on writing about setting in class today but I would like you to remind your child too please.

4th grade math students just have to write out the expanded form of their numbers on the worksheet they are bringing home tonight.

Dates to remember:

Library books are due tomorrow

Late start on Wednesday

Book orders due Friday

Pictures are Friday

Boxtops due Friday

We are Rocket Scientists!

We have been studying emathmaticians on nergy for Science these past few weeks and today we took what we know and made rockets in the classroom.   We discussed what was successful and what we need to improve upon and Monday is when we will carry out our investigations on improving our rockets.  Check out the 4th grade science page for pictures, the students had a blast, as you can tell from their faces.

Also, take a look at your mathematicians on the 4th grade math page, they were deeply involved in their math conversations and games. 🙂


Reminder! Tomorrow is a half day of school.   Montessori and ASD Pre-School  will run from 8:40-11:45. PTA will be hosting a popcorn sale at dismissal.  Each bag will cost $1, so bring your $1 bills to enjoy a delicious popcorn treat!

When packing your children’s snack/lunch in the morning, please make sure to pack the necessary utensils that they may require. The forks, spoons, napkins and straws in the cafeteria are for those students who are purchasing a hot lunch only. We hope that you understand. Thanking you in advance for your help with this matter.

Pictures next week on Friday, October 20. 🙂

Homework Reminders

Tonight – read for 20 minutes and do reading log, at least 2 sentences
Some students have Social Studies city search to complete for homework too.
4th grade math test tomorrow – students have their pre-test to be used to study.
October 13 – 1/2 Day! – 11:45 Dismissal
Here are a few important dates for PTA related activities:
  • Apparel order forms go home this week. Please turn in by Oct. 18th.
  • PTA meeting Wednesday, October 11th after school, meet on the playground.
  • Box tops collection week is Oct 23-27.  The class with the most submissions wins a pizza party!
  • Fall festival is Friday, October 27th from 6 pm – 7:30 pm in the cafeteria/courtyard.

Today’s work…

Blue Shirt Day – October 2, 2017

MondayOctober 2 is stand up to bullying day.  By doing so, we ask to put a blue shirt on your child, if possible to take a stance against bullying!! Our class says NO to bullying.  In the beginning of the year, we all signed a pledge to be an upstander!  Let’s continue this!!

Some students have math make-up worksheets to do: due Monday.

4th grade math students have a worksheet for homework.

All students have to read for 20 minutes and maybe do a reading log entry tonight.

Updates for 9/25/17

Student have to read for 20 minutes tonight.  The students may choose to respond to their reading log and may do so.  On the reading log, check that your child is writing the book title, dates, capitalizing names, and writing in complete sentences. Your child is required to read for 20 minutes, 5 nights a week, and respond to the reading log for 3 days.

Some students brought home math and United States landforms worksheets. If there is too much math work tonight, spread it out over a couple of days if needed.

This afternoon we were informed of a potential police situation in the area.  As a precautionary measure we followed our district and campus emergency plans by instituting our lockdown procedures.  Because it was recess time, we brought all students inside the building and kept them in their classrooms until we were sure that the situation was resolved. The children were never in any imminent danger. The staff and students followed procedures and did a great job.

Email me if you would like to take Fuzzy this weekend……………..

Hello Parents and Families,

Today, we tested the language portion of the NWEA and next week Tuesday, we will continue with Reading.  We were looking at different landforms in the United States in Social Studies.  We are continuing to discuss teamwork for our science experiments. In math, different triangles were introduced. Tonight, your child should read for at least 20 minutes.


 6th Annual Robert Cipriano CC Meet

This year students will not be required to meet a qualifying time. If students in grades 4th-8th want to participate, fill out a permission slip attached and pay$3.00. Parents are responsible for providing transportation.

We will run in rain but not in any type of severe weather. If for some reason we cannot run on October 23rd, there will not be an alternative run date and the $3.00 is non-refundable.


Box Tops

It’s that time of year again! Box Tops Collection baggies went home Tuesday.  Box Tops earn money directly to our school!  Each class has a different color paper stapled to their baggie.  Turn-in week is October 23-27.  Once all Box Tops are collected, classroom submissions will be tallied up, and the class with the most Box Tops will win a pizza lunch party!  Start collecting!