Pennies for Pasta to fight blood cancer … March 6th – March 22nd

Pennies for Pasta to fight blood cancer: March 06 – 22

The Student Council asks you to help fight Lymphoma & Leukemia. Stout’s Pennies for Pasta drive begins Wednesday, March 6th and will run until Friday, March 22nd. Each first hour teacher will collect donations from his/her students. Any student who donates $1.00 or more will have a certificate with his/her name posted in the classroom. The top 1st hour class that donates the most money will receive an Olive Garden Pasta lunch. The 2nd place class will receive a pizza lunch.


Another SNOW DAY Wednesday… shouldn’t it be called ICE day, instead?

No School today… Wednesday, Feb. 6

District Message:
Due to hazardous conditions caused by sleet and ice, all Dearborn Public Schools will be closed on Wednesday, February 6, 2019.
I’m sure you all were upset to find out that we didn’t have school today! Well, please don’t be upset that I assigned all classes Khan Academy assignments. Access your assignments on Khan Academy through CLEVER. I will see you all in class tomorrow! As always, STAY WARM, STAY SAFE!!!

SNOW DAY Wednesday…

WOW…it happened again! Twice in one week! Are we going to have a third on Thursday (tomorrow)? Well, whether there is school or not, all classes have been assigned Khan Academy assignments. Be sure to do them, as they will be counted and will appear in the Gradebook! Please sign in through CLEVER. Enjoy the time off, but be sure to complete your assignments and review Lesson 9, so that you are prepared for the test (to be given the next time we are in school together!)



Attention Parents: You are Invited to Join the District Task Force

All parents are invited to join the district task force to strengthen the planning process and to ensure that the community is informed and engaged in the success of every student. Based on Public Law 306 (October 2016), third grade students who are more than a year below grade level on the state ELA assessment are under consideration for retention in third grade. Dearborn Public Schools staff in elementary schools have been systematically planning to ensure that teachers have the training to teach reading effectively and that students receive small group instruction based on their needs. The current year second graders are the first group to potentially be impacted by the legislation.

If you would like to participate, please complete the survey.


Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher conferences will be held over 2 days this fall. Plan to meet with your child’s teachers on
Monday, November 12th and Wednesday, November 14th. We are looking forward to seeing you all then!


Battle Against Hunger 2018

Edsel Ford High School has invited Stout to join them in the Battle Against Hunger. Together, we hope to defeat Dearborn High and Fordson High with the most canned goods collected the two weeks before Thanksgiving.

Our district goal is to collect 100,000 cans of non-perishable food items to donate to local food banks.
We need your help in meeting this goal! PLEASE help us reach our goal by sending in canned goods and other non-perishable food items with your child. We are also having a smaller, friendly competition among all first hour classes to see which class “can” raise the most cans! ONE CAN, TWO CANS, WE CAN!!!!!!! I would like to thank you in advance for donating to this great cause!


All classes are learning about Multiplying and Dividing Integers

Earlier in Unit 1, students developed an understanding of addition and subtraction of integers and learned to add and subtract integers fluently. In this lesson, students are learning how to multiply and divide positive and negative integers. Watch the Khan Academy video below to see what your children are currently learning in 7th grade Math.




Robert Cipriano Run – October 15th

Deadline to Enter the 7th Annual Robert Cipriano                  Cross-Country Run is Rapidly Approaching

As a reminder, the 7th Annual Robert Cipriano Cross-Country Run will be held this Monday, October 15th, 2018 at 4pm.      Any student who would like to participate, needs to complete a permission slip and hand it in to Ms. Layson, Mrs. Foreman,      Mr. Tapp, or Mr. Vietinghoff no later than this Friday, October 5th, 2018.


Addition of Positive and Negative Integers

Students in all classes (regular and Advanced) have been learning how to solve problems with positive and negative numbers, as they will encounter this in many situations in their lives. Positive and negative integers represent quantities in sports, business, science, and other areas in our lives.

One example is….money being deposited and withdrawn from bank accounts. Another would be the temperature and how it rises or drops. As parents, we can share many examples of positive and negative integers from situations that occur daily.


Khan Academy