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Week of 3-28-2018

Greetings room 107 Families!

Spring has sprung! Let’s hope the weather continues to warm up and stay pleasant for us during the spring season. THANK YOU to all the families that have been coming into the class as Mystery Readers this month. The students and I have been enjoying all the stories.

Here is what you need to know this short week in school and just after the break:

*Reading Minutes are due tomorrow morning for March Reading Month! Make sure all calendars are all signed and updated


Spelling: -ug family (bug, rug, tug, mug, jug, dug, hug, am, we)

Math: unit 5- measurement. Use words such as bigger, smaller, taller, shorter, heavier, lighter etc. These terms can be used in your everyday life. Weigh grocery items and have your kid use terms!

Science: Started unit on what plants and animals need. What kind of animals do we see in the woods? What do they need to survive?

Please turn in permission slip (if you haven’t already) AND photo release. The photo release form is from the zoo. Once again please keep an eye out for the weather on April 10th and dress your child appropriately.

Important information:

Spring Vacation: Friday, March 30th, 2018! Students are to report back to school on Monday April 9th, 2018

4/10/18- Detroit Zoo field trip

4/11/2018- Spring musical

Have a wonderful week! I will add and update any changes if need be.

Miss Shapas

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