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Week of 2-13-18

Hello all!

Thank you for all the lovely Valentine’s day gifts yesterday! I felt the love and appreciation from my darlings! And we are officially 100 days smarter! Thank you again to all that contributed to our 100 day snack yesterday too! I have lots of left over snack items! If you would like your donation back, please let me know what item(s) you brought and I’ll send it back. If not, we will have those for snack time in the afternoon!

Now here is our week:

Math: continue subtraction unit: different ways to get to the answer, by counting up, number line, objects, fingers etc

Spelling: -un words, just a reminder, we take the final spelling tests on Friday. With the exception of last week ( because of the snow that was coming, I moved the test ahead to Thursday just in case of the snow day that did happen on Friday). We practice the words everyday as a mini lesson.

Writing: We have moved onto opinion writing. The topic is “what do you like to do in winter?” ex sledding, skiing, skating, and building a snowman. And why do you like it?

Science: continue topic on weather

Important information:

Mid winter break: 2-19-18 to 2-23-18. Return 2-26-2018

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