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Week of 12/11/2917

Hello families!

What a snowy day to start off our week! Here is what is new in our classroom this week!

Math-continue unit 6 on teen numbers. How to write, count, identify numbers 10-20.

LA- Gingerbread man books. compare and contrast the 2 books.

Social studies- continue needs and wants. Writing a letter to santa (or whoever you want to write too) a letter of the kids wants. And hopefully a cut and paste sorting activity.

Writing- Continue learning and writing about reindeer.

Important information-

Popcorn this Friday (12/15/2017)-Thank you to Mr. Hollenback and Ms. Czarnecki for volunteering! Bring your quarters!

Wednesday 12/20/2017- late start- arrival 9:35am

Friday 12/22/2017- last day before winter break! Return 1/8/2018!

Homework: read books in book bag, razkids, and math games!

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