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December 8th

Good Afternoon,

We started homework this week. I will pass out homework on Monday and it will be due on Friday. Please send in the homework folder every Monday and Friday. Practice the sight words that were placed in the bag as well! We have been practicing these words everyday. During reading time/library, the children have been excited to show me all the sight words that are in books.

Also, I hope to put in the book orders for December on December 13th. So hopefully the orders will be in before we go on break.

This week we had a winter assembly about the different holidays that happen this time of year. The children really enjoyed this assembly and learned a lot. They loved telling me about what they learned.

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know,

Miss. Shapas

2 thoughts on “December 8th

  • Jillian Hudgins says:

    Since you stated that homework is due on Wednesday would you like us to make us to make sure there Homework Folder is in there backpack on Wednesday instead of Friday?

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