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Hello all,

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped by sending in snacks, parent volunteers for field trips and party, and parent-teacher conference. I am very grateful to have so much help!

Second, I will be doing my best to update this blog. As you know, I started late in the year. I am still working on getting classroom materials, getting decor up, organizing important information, teacher meetings/conferences, and everyday lesson planning. So any delayed information/responding back, please know I am not intentionally doing this act. I will get back to you as soon as possible. My mind is thinking of everything I still need to accomplish.

Third, here is our daily specials:

Monday- Computers-10:30-11:15am

Music- 2:40-3:25pm

Tuesday- Library 10:10-10:20am


Wednesday- Art-1:00-1:45pm

Thursday- Gym-8:50-9:35am

Friday- Music-1:00-1:45pm

Some of these times I have in common with the other kindergarten teachers for common lesson planning. I follow the same curriculum as the other kindergarten class.

Fridays are popcorn day. Last week my class got skipped (my class was not the only one that has been skipped before). Hopefully the problem has been solved, so no class has it happen to them. I kept their money and their amount for popcorn day on December 2nd. My class will need some volunteers in May 2017. I will ask for volunteers closer to the day.

Fourth, snack calendars are sent out at the beginning of each month. A helpful reminder would be to put your day on the calendar on your phone, at home, or both. If ok, I will keep all extras for the next time someone doesn’t have a snack. If not ok, please let me know. Some great snacks are raisins, crackers, fruit snacks, or fruit.

Fifth, I am collecting box tops for additional classroom materials. I have looked/applied for grants that could help. However, it is not much. I have spent a lot of time and my own money for materials so far. Any box tops you might see/have please send them my way.


Thank you for your understanding,

Miss. Shapas

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