October 29

Kindergarten and Y5’s Music Class

Kindergarten and Young 5’s work a lot on using their singing voices, listening and responding to directions and using their bodies correctly when we move around the classroom.  Music class for these students involves many rhythm band instruments (drums, rhythm sticks and egg shakers), puppets, scarves, movement and folk songs.

We use our singing voices to sing songs like Come Along Everybody, What are You Wearing?, I’m Growing Up, Higglety Wigglety Bumblebee, Apple Tree, Pass the Pumpkin and many others.  Below are the lyrics to some of these songs.  Ask your child if they can sing them!

Image result for hickety pickety bumble bee song


Image result for apple tree singing game


Image result for Pass the pumpkin

We are also learning about high vs low sounds.  We use our voices to sing high and low, our scarves to wave high and low and our bodies to move high and low.

We also use a lot of steady beat activities in the music room.  We show steady beat with our bodies and sometimes we get to be the leader in the class and show how well we can keep a beat with the music.  Below is a definition of steady beat.  It is proven that your child will be able to read fluently if they can keep a steady beat.  Steady beat is VERY important in and out of the music room.

Image result for steady beat music