September 12

2nd Grade Music

2nd Graders have learned name game and hello songs.  Gilly, Gilly Good Morning is a song that we start each music class with and allows students to greet each other with a handshake or wave.  We have also learned a name song, Up the Ladder, that allows us to learn each others name, keep a steady beat and echo.

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Second graders have also been working on steady beat vs. rhythm of the words.  Steady beat is consistent and constant throughout our songs and rhymes.  Students work on keeping a steady beat while singing and also play a steady beat on drums and xylophones.  We are also working on the rhythm of the words (how the words sound when we sing/speak them).  We are reviewing quarter note (ta), eighth notes (ti ti) and quarter rest (silence).

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Second grade friends are also learning about and playing rhythm instruments.  They have played triangles, tambourines, drums and rhythm sticks and will be introduced to cymbals in the next few classes.  Here is an example of the rhythm band chart students will be using to identify and play their instruments at the correct time and with a steady beat:

2nd graders have also learned many folk songs along with singing games.  We have learned the words to Naughty Kitty Cat, Let Us Chase the Squirrel, Apple Tree and Cut the Cake.  Below are some of the lyrics.  Ask your child to sing them and how to play the singing game.

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