October 29

1st Grade Music

1st graders have been learning all about steady beat and rhythm of the words of our song.  Here is an example of what steady beat is:

Image result for steady beat in music


Image result for steady beat in music


1st graders have also been working on using their singing voices in all of the songs we sing in music class.  So far, we know how to sing Come Along Everybody, What are You Wearing?, Bee Bee Bumblebee and several fall songs.  Below are the lyrics to some of our songs.  Please ask your child to sing the songs using their singing voices.

Image result for bee bee bumble bee lyrics

Image result for apple tree singing game


1st graders are also working on identifying quarter notes (ta), eighth notes (ti ti) and quarter rest (one beat of silence).  We sometimes play games with the rhythms using movement and speech.  Below are the symbols for each of these:

Image result for ta ti ti and rest