Spelling Words This Week

apron, poison, sunken, shrunken, chosen, tighten, frighten, cannon, carbon, sharpen, exponents, multiply, factors, estimation, product

10 Activities for Spelling Practice at Home

  1. Spelling Memory – Write two sets of spelling words on small index cards and play a game of memory. When a card is turned over, read the word, spell it, and read it again.
  2. Spelling Swat – Using the same set of flashcards from the activity above, lay out one set on the table or floor so the words can be seen. Use the other set as a draw pile. Draw a card. Read the word, spell it, then find the matching word on the table. Slap the matching word on the table. Read the word, spell it, then read it again.
  3. Wordo – This is an old game that is played just like Bingo, but with full words instead of letters and numbers. Again, if the word is on the Wordo card, read it, spell it, and read it again.
  4. Rainbow Writing – Spell each word multiple times using a different color of the rainbow each time.
  5. Around the Room Spelling Hunt – Using the two sets fo flashcards from the first activity, place one set spelling flashcards around the room and keep the other set for a draw pile. Draw a spelling flashcard, read it, spell it, and read it again, then search for the matching word in the room.
  6. Stamp It Out – Rather than writing out spelling words multiple times, use alphabet stamps instead. (Or letter manipulatives work well, too). The key here is to practice one word several times in a row.
  7. Spell by Syllables – For longer words, practice spelling by spelling by syllables. For example, the word elephant would be broken down into el-e-phant, spelling just one syllable at a time.
  8. Spelling Word Sorts – This is an excellent activity for spelling lists where all the words focus on a single spelling-sound, but different spellings. Sort the words according to how that focus sound is spelled. For example, if the sound is long a spelled -eigh and -ai, then the words sleigh and weight would be put into a different group from snail and aim.
  9. Word Scramble – This is an oldie, but still an effective way to practice spelling. Use letter manipulatives to spell a word from the spelling list, copying it if need be. Then, scramble the letter up and try to re-spell with word without looking at the spelling list for help.
  10. Sensory Words – Use a sensory material to write out spelling words. Shaving cream, salt, play dough, and cookie sprinkles are all super fun.


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