2-28 Homework

Reading: Read works article of choice + iReady

Social Studies: complete Study Guide and bring to school tomorrow to review

  • Test on MONDAY!!

Math: Book C, pages 293 to 294, #2, #3, and #4 + ZEARN

Spelling: study for the vocab/spelling test tomorrow!!

Spelling/Vocab for this Week!

Image result for spelling clipartchannel, chapel, flannel, panel, tunnel, vessel, travel, unravel, divisor, dividend, quotient, remainder, division



Channel: (n) a narrow stream of flowing water that connects two large bodies of water

Chapel: (n) a small room within a larger building set aside for religious purposes

Dividend (def. 2): (n) a number to be divided by another number

Division (def. 1): (n) the act or result of separating anything into two parts

Divisor: (n) a number by which another number is to be divided.

Flannel: (n) a very soft woolen or cotton cloth

Panel (def. 3): (n) a group assembled to judge a contest or conduct a public discussion

Quotient: (n) the product from the division of one number by another

Remainder (def. 1): (n) the fraction left over after a number has been divided

Travel (def. 2): (v) to go from one place to another

Tunnel: (n) a long passageway dug underground

Unravel: (v) to untangle, to unwind, to unfold

Vessel (def. 1): (n) a hollow utensil for holding anything

2-26 Homework

Reading: (if you have computer access at home) pick ONE article to read on Readworks + iREADY (read works class code is on earlier blog post)

  • articles: (1) “In Memory of Dr. King” or (2) “Bringing Books to Life”

Math: Zearn + Book C, pages 267-269, all problems

Spelling/Vocab: write a sentence using each word

2-25 Homework

Reading: iReady + finish Read Works article

Math: Book C, pages 261-262, #1a-1f + ZEARN

Spelling/Vocabulary: review all words and definitions

*Spelling tests have an added vocabulary portion. Students will need to know BOTH how to SPELL and what the word MEANS. This will help them improve their vocabulary skills, and is especially important for building academic vocabulary knowledge and when preparing for standardized testing.