1-18 Homework

Math: Zearn + long division worksheet

  • For the coloring there are questions 1-9 and corresponding spaces numbered 1-9. The answer to the division problem is associated with a color. For example, if #1 is 12 divided by 3 and my answer is 4 —> 4 is red —> so all of the spaces numbered 1 are red.

Reading: Main Idea and Key Details worksheet + iReady

Please be safe in the snow and enjoy MLK Day! 

1-17 Homework

Math:  Zearn + Book C, page 206, all problems; you  may FIX the problems from page 205

Reading: iReady + read a book at home and consider what the main idea and key details are

Spelling: practice for your spelling test by writing each word FOUR(4) times


1-15 Homework

Math: page 205, #1-6  +  ZEARN

Reading: if you finished the iReady diagnostic test, you may go on iReady at home; read a book at home for at least 20 minutes    –> think about the main idea and key details in the story

Spelling: write each word 3 times


1-14 Homework

Due to testing today and in the coming week/weeks, homework may vary.

Reading: **IF STUDENTS FINISHED THE IREADY DIAGNOSTIC TEST IN CLASS, they may access iReady at home. If not, they cannot access it at home until the test is finished in class.

Math: Zearn

Spelling: Sailboats

Test Prep: Prep Dogs website


Updates for Parents

January 14th – 18th: i-Ready Diagnostic Testing

January 14th – Feb 1st: NWEA & DRA2 Testing

PARENTS: Have a conversation with your student to do about taking their time, doing their best, getting a good nights rest and eating a fortified breakfast daily!

January 18th: PTA Meeting / Open House 9 – 10 a.m.
January 18th: Half Day 11:45 a.m. dismissal
January 21st: NO SCHOOL MLK Day
January 22nd: END of 2nd CARD MARKING, Half Day 11:45 a.m. dismissal

1-10 Homework

Reading: iReady

Math: ZEARN + Book C, pg. 199 – 201, all of the problems (#1-#6)

Spelling: STUDY FOR YOUR TEST TOMORROW! I want everybody to have 100%. If everyone gets 100% I will give 4 class points (26 students x 4 points = 104 total points)

Reading Homework Sample Chart

For tonight’s reading homework, students should recreate this character trait chart from the picture below. We completed one together as a class using the Ready textbook. Students should complete this chart using a character from a book they’re reading.

Please include:

  • Name of book
  • Name of character
  • 3 character traits
  • 3 supporting details from the book
  • 3 sentences explaining the character’s traits

1-9 Homework

Math: Book C, pg. 193. #1 & #2 AND pg. 195 #5 & #6 + ZEARN

Reading: iReady + pick a character from a book you’re reading at home — create a character trait chart including 3 TRAITS and details from the book

Spelling: sailboats for each word