2-13 Homework

Math: Zearn + Book C, pages 239-240, all problems

Reading: iReady

Social Studies: Read the “Branches of Government” passage and answer the questions using complete sentences

*Notes for Tomorrow:

  • Half Day – Dismissal at 11:45am
  • You MAY bring in treats for Valentine’s Day, HOWEVER THEY MUST FOLLOW THESE REQUIREMENTS:
    • Individually wrapped (like candy in a wrapper)
    • You may sign your name and hand them out at the end of the day
    • We will not be allowed to eat the candy in class
    • There are 25 students; if you bring in treats, bring in enough for the WHOLE class
    • NO PEANUTS!!!!!!!!
    • You do not need to bring in treats, only if you’d like to

Soil Experiment

We are starting a new unit in Science about Soils, Rocks and Landforms! We are so excited for the learning to come! 🙂

Today, the students worked in groups to examine 4 different types of soils. They added water to them and will come back tomorrow to see what happens to the soils!


This Week’s Spelling Words

LIST A: neutral, fatal, numeral, although, almonds, total, final, medal, vocal, royal, executive branch, legislative branch, judicial branch, separate, balance

LIST B: sea, began, shouted, took, river, crown, however, around, growl, fountain, ground, remainder

LIST C: play, grain, sail, mail, may, rain, way, day, stay, pain