Snow Day Extra Credit Opportunity

Today is a Snow Day due to icy conditions. Please be safe if you plan on traveling.

Snow Day…but that doesn’t stop our learning! Pick (1) extra credit opportunity  to complete- it will be due tomorrow!

  1. Write a 5-paragraph informational piece  about “How to Survive a Snow Day”; include an introduction and conclusion, also include 3 separate ideas to share with your readers about how to survive the Snow Day, be sure to provide strong evidence and examples for your reasons
  2.  Research and Write: using a computer, go on  (Ducksters- “US History”- Governement”)—> research the 3 Branches of government; On a separate sheet of paper include: (1) the name of each branch of government, (2) the role of each branch of government (What does the branch do/What is the branch responsible for?), and (3) Who/What makes up the branch? (I.e. the President is part of which branch)
  3. On a separate sheet of paper, solve the following Math division problems using the standard algorithm AND showing it on a place value chart: (1) 97 divided by 3; (2) 85 divided by 4; (3) 68 divided by 8; (4) 55 divided by 2; (5) 49 divided by 3; (6) *CHALLENGE: 126 divided by 5; (7) *CHALLENGE: 237 divided by 9

Division on a Place Value Chart

Solving a long division problem using the standard algorithm

DMSB: This stands for the order of long division. Divide. Multiply. Subtract. Bring Down (Drop)