Homework for Winter Break

Reading: Students should be reading their class books from their reading group. Also, students should be sticking to their 45 mins per week or 20 minutes per day on iReady.

Math: Please aim for 45 minutes per week or 20 mins per day on Zearn.

I am sending home a “Winter Break” Packet with reading and math activities to continue to build students’ skills while we are gone. The first page is a Winter Break Reading Challenge page that encourages students to read in 30 minute increments. The second and third pages focus on reading skills and the last page focuses on multiplication in Math. The reading challenge (first page) will be extra credit, the rest of the packet will be due on Tuesday after we get back.

Have a safe and enjoyable break with friends and family and enjoy the Holidays if you are celebrating them! 🙂

12-20 Homework

Reading: iReady for at least 20 minutes

Math: Zearn

Social Studies: review your study guide for the test tomorrow

Spelling: write all of your words 3 times — spelling test tomorrow

Bring in $1 for pajama day and money to buy ice cream from the fundraiser for the Children of Yemen!

12-19 Homework

Math: Finish the study guide for the test tomorrow + Zearn

Reading: iReady for at least 20 minutes + read a story at home and try to figure out the author’s point

Spelling: Write a sentence using each spelling word

Tomorrow is holiday spirit – wear red and green! 

12-17 Homework

Math: Book C, pages 177-178 — all problems (#1-#4) + ZEARN

Reading: iReady for at least 20 minutes + write a summary (one paragraph or 5 sentences) about a book you’ve been reading at home

Spelling: muffin, bargain, certain, pumpkin, fountain, basin, again, captain, dolphin, curtain, push factor, pull factor, migration, immigration, movement

Spirit Week Schedule

Monday: Crazy Hair Day

Tuesday: Hat Day – wear your favorite hat!

Wednesday: Sports Day – wear your favorite jersey!

Thursday: Holiday Spirit – wear Red & Green

Friday: Pajama Day – wear your favorite pajamas

It costs $1.00 per day to participate. I will be collected the money in class. Money goes towards raising money for the Children of Yemen.

News for This Week

It’s our final week before Winter Break…let’s make it count!

Here are some news/reminders for this week:

  1. This week is Spirit Week. If students choose to participate it costs $1 each day. There will be an envelope in my room to collect the money for Spirit Week. I will post the schedule tomorrow morning.
  2. Arabic School Registration this Friday from 2p-5pm in the Main Lobby
  3. NO SCHOOL Dec.22 – Jan. 6 for WINTER BREAK!
  4. For homework over break, students should still be completing their 20 mins a day for iReady AND Zearn. It will help them continue to build stronger Reading and Math skills to be ready to come back to school in the new year- 2019!

The focus for this week will be wrapping up Social Studies and Math, so students will be taking a test in both subject areas on Thursday and Friday. Study guides will be sent home and time will be spent reviewing the important concepts in class. It is best that we are able to come back from winter break with fresh learning!

Thank you for your continued support as we make our way through this school year. It seems as though time is flying by!

Ms. Prebenda

12-14 Homework

Reading: iReady for 20 minutes

Math: Zearn + Missing Mitten Multiplication Worksheet

Social Studies: *Extra Credit* – The Mitten: “The Underground Railroad packet- you must read and complete the back page

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend!