Math Test Corrections

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I am returning students’ graded math tests from before Winter Break with a “Math Corrections Form” attached to it. This gives students an opportunity to improve their math test score. I want to give students every opportunity that I can to showcase what they know. Requirements for returning the test:

  1. Write the Question # in the box –> students ONLY need to fix the problems that they got WRONG
  2. Redo the problem in the box by showing all work and writing their final answer
  3. Check the corresponding box as to why they got the problem wrong

The form is due by THURSDAY, JANUARY 10. That gives students 3 nights to work on this. If there are any issues, please let me know. Once the students’ tests are returned I will re-grade and add points to their original score if they got the problem right by fixing it on the Corrections Form.

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