14 thoughts on “US History II

  1. amer alomari says:

    where is the study guide?

  2. Taher Alrayyashi says:

    Where can i find the online book?
    reply asap.

    its for the test retake on Tuesday.

    • Sanaa Ayoub says:

      Go on the class info page and click on the link that says “online text book for US History” then click on “US Hustory I”, then click on Ch. 9: The Progressive Era” scroll down to the bottom and click on the section you need.

  3. Taher Alrayyashi says:

    i cant think of a thesis. Its the only sentence that i cant think of. I started of “I disagree with this statement because, World war I…..”

    • Sanaa Ayoub says:


      Use either of the following sentence stems:

      World War I was a necessary/unnecessary (choose one) because of ___________________________, and _______________________; however it has been argued that _____________________________.

      Fill in the blanks with the 2 arguments and the 1 argument you are going to write about in the body of your paper.

  4. Taher Alrayyashi says:

    Mrs. Ayoub, i finished my essay and i want to know what should i write on work cited, most of it i got it in your Powerpoint that u uploaded in your blog?

  5. ayoub says:

    You need to cite the textbook if your going to use the power point.

  6. shukri sabbah says:

    Mrs. Ayoub where can i find the answers for the study guide for chapter 15 I got some of it but i cant find the rest

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