US History I

To establish more credible information about the characters in WWI, please use your text book (Chapter 11) and the links below:

  • 2 Soldiers use the following links: 1 (Make sure you click on “translate this page” when it pops up)


  • 2 Women use the following links: 2


  • 2 Minorities use the following links: 3


  • 2 leaders use the following links: 4


  • 2 average citizens use the following links: 5  (Explore all the links on the bottom of this page)


  • 2 Battles use the following links: 6



15 thoughts on “US History I

  1. Ali Tarhini 4th hour says:

    Mrs.ayoub I hope your going to go over all of the questions tommorow

  2. michtba says:

    Ms how do i get to the us history book

  3. fatima abdulla says:

    I did not know what to do for # 1 it was pretty complicating for me if you don’t reply I understand but can u explain it to us tomorrow.

    • Sanaa Ayoub says:

      It explains everything in section 1. Social impact was change in labor laws and working conditions. Economic was the mukrakers, higher wages, and foster efficiency through science, political was the referendum, recall, initiative, and 17th amendment all discussed on page 312 or 313.

  4. stephanie lara says:

    what is your email Mrs. ayoub

  5. Abbas Hachem says:

    mrs when is the last day to turn in our final essays

  6. Maya 5th hour says:

    Theres reminders on the screen blocking the questions that we were suppose to do after the test.. I cant see them.

  7. muhammed says:

    Can we use the class book as a source for the essay?

    • Sanaa Ayoub says:

      Not as evidence, only use the book for background information. Unless your pulling statistics, data, or first person experience from the “extras” in the book like charts and graphs.

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