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Psychology Syllabus 2018-2019







Link to Drug Abuse Information:


9 thoughts on “Psychology

  1. Lena Bazzi says:

    Hi Mrs. Ayoub,

    Will we be going through all the module powerpoints this semester. I want to know so I can print the notes we will be taking in advance.

  2. ali zae says:

    Please delay the test we literally learned nothing you can’t expect us to know psychology intro by heart in not even 1week of class

    • Sanaa Ayoub says:

      Sure I do! It has been more than 1 week. I gave you the biggest part of the test on Friday (the essay question) as well as 9 questions from the test in your bellwork. I also went over many of the questions that are on the test with you guys in class today. You guys seemed to have a good handle on things today, so I think it will be ok. See you tomorrow.

  3. Hajer Saleh says:

    Hi mrs Ayoub, how should we start to write the expirement project essay? And what should be included in the writing?

  4. Hamza Elmelegy says:

    Where can I find Ms.Naura’s Iblog?

  5. 1st hour says:

    are we going over the study guide on monday? there are questions I’m not sure if i answered correctly

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