APUSH Useful Resources

From the College Board, Course and Exam Description tells you everything you need to know about the exam including all the major themes with examples for each period.  Pages 21 to 90 in this book focus on each concept, these concepts are what are used to formulate both multiple choice and free response questions:

AP US History Course and Exam Description

To go alongside the concept outlines, videos by Adam Norris that review each concept individually.  There are 51 videos in this playlist:

Adam Norris Curriculum Videos

The APUSH “Packet of Doom” for reviewing main concepts:

APUSH Packet of Doom

American History Timeline of Events


Jocz Productions:

Based on Chapters of the American Pageant Textbook

Adam Norris:


APUSH CrashCourse:



Jeopardy Quizzes to practice recalling information      <— Put “APUSH Period ___ ” into the search bar based on the period you want to study

Periods 1-9 Vocabulary Quizlet:

Barron’s Periods 1-9 Vocabulary Quizlet

Review Questions:

98 Review Questions on APUSH

Short Answer Questions Instruction:

AP US History SAQ Instructions

Testing day this year is May 10, 2018.  Students must arrive with a picture ID at 7:00 a.m.  Please do not bring cell phones.  If they have to collect them, then you will have to spend more time on the site than needed.  Students will not be let in the testing site late, they must be on time.  APUSH will be testing at Micheal Berry Center, the address is:

Michael Berry Career Center

Address: 22586 Ann Arbor Trail

Dearborn Heights, MI 48127

District: Dearborn Public Schools

Phone: (313) 827-4800