New Material Self Portraits

This week Mrs. Russell and I both used new materials we found to make self portraits!

A self portrait is an artwork you make that shows yourself!

Mrs. Russell reused cardboard cereal boxes and a brown paper bag for her self portrait! She drew the parts of her face on cardboard, cut it out with scissors, and glued all of the pieces together!

portrait that has hair, glasses, and a face made from light brown cardboard
Look at Mrs. Russell’s self portrait!

I found pieces of tree bark on the ground during my walk one day and decided to collect it for a new art material! I used oil pastels to draw parts of my face on the different pieces of bark. Then I glued them together on a piece of paper in a mixed-up way (a little bit like cubism).

pieces of bark laying on a black piece of paper, some of the pieces have been colored and show parts of the face, not in the correct facial spotr. The nose is yellow, one eye is blue, the mouth is green, and another eye is pink.
My self portrait on tree bark with oil pastels.

What new materials can you think of to use to create a self portrait? Try one at home and send me a picture!

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  • April 22, 2020 at 12:43 am

    I did all my work on paper and but I didn’t have your email to send the pictures of my work so I was sending them to my teacher, Mrs.Hammoud.


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