January 5

Week of January 7

Hello! I hope everyone had a great and relaxing winter break with their families. I happened to get sick, then healthy but with a sick husband and toddler, then I caught their cold, and am back healthy and looking forward to Monday!


  • Mr. Awada has not sent out his weekly email yet, so I have no clue what may pop up next week!
  • We have about a week and a half of math lessons before our next test. I’ll give a clearer date when we settle back into our routines.
  • It has not snowed much their winter yet, but the forecast says it will be a cold wet and snowy midwest winter. Please make sure your child is bundled up, we will be going out for recess until the weather closes us in.
  • The school provides healthy snacks Monday-Thursday. Please make sure your child is coming to school with a healthy choice or have them take from the fruits we are provided. The unhealthy snacks may taste delicious, but a classroom of 27 students who are hopped up on sugars is not a classroom anyone wants to be in.
  • Testing – NWEA, DRA, and iReady Diagnostic are coming soon.


A Look at the Week January 7


Have a great rest of your weekend! Rest up, because we start at full force on Monday!

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