April 21

Week of April 22

Good evening!

I hope everyone had an awesome 3 day weekend! I know I did. I spent so much time in the sun Sunday afternoon, I have a slight tan.


  • M-Step back at full force this week. Please make sure students are at school on time, have had a FULL night’s of restful sleep, and eaten a healthy breakfast (or come early for school’s breakfast). Please provide healthy snacks.

Monday – Finish reading

Tuesday & Wednesday – Math

Thursday – Social Studies

Friday – Make-up tests

  • Wednesday is a late start
  • Friday is Shine Day, so we will be doing some planting

A Look at the Week April 22

Have a great rest of your Sunday!

Playing a game of math review basketball.


We needed some down time after M-Step, so we had 10 minutes to create something that represented “HUNGRY”. It seems to be this year’s reoccurring theme.

I cannot remember why I took these pictures, but here we are using chromebooks.


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April 14

Week of April 15

Good afternoon,

We have a challenging 2 weeks coming up! M-Step! We start testing on Tuesday and will continue until Thursday. The following week we will do the same and Friday will be for make ups.

Tuesday & Wednesday – Reading

Thursday – Science

Please make sure students are at school on time, have had a FULL night’s of restful sleep, and eaten a healthy breakfast (or come early for school’s breakfast). Please provide healthy snacks.  I anticipate a lot of growth and cannot wait to see how much they have learned this year.

There is no school Friday, April 19.

We are doing a lot of review and catch up this week.

A Look at the Week April 15

Staff vs. Student Volleyball Game – Great job Mohammed, Bilal, and Youssef!

Idioms practice – Students thought the saying was “cake of my eyes” (it’s apple of my eyes). We may need a little more practice 🙂

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April 6

Week of April 8

Good evening!

One more day of spring break, and then it’s back to the classroom. I hope everyone had a relaxing vacation. I spent it playing with Bin, marveling at the snow one day and then 65 degrees the next, and eating more takeout than humanly possible.


  • Parent-Teacher Conferences is on Wednesday from 4-7. I will send out a reminder on Monday to parents I will need to see.
  • M-Step is coming up, Tuesday, April 16. Please take the time to review EVERYTHING we have learned.
  • iReady is NOT an OPTION. Students should be working on 45 minutes with an 80% passing grade every week. If students do not finish at school, they need to work on it at home.
  • ZEARN is also another platform for students to learn new math strategies and practice ones we have worked on in class.

A Look at the Week April 8

Reading Month Assembly – Congratulations Amani for winning a gift card

March’s PBIS Magic Show

Science Investigation – Setting up worm habitats (worms are recyclers)

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March 23

Week of March 25

Good evening!

Next week we have a full week of learning, and then SPRING BREAK! But 2 weeks after we get back from break begins M-Step. So we need to stay studious and review everything we have learned thus far.


  • Social Studies unit test will either be Thursday or Friday. We already went over the review and will continue to review this week.
  • Math test is also coming up. If we get through the next few lessons, then we could potentially have it Friday. If not, it will be Tuesday once we get back. But in the mean time, have us practice adding and subtracting fractions. We used a TON of different methods, but whatever works for each student they should stick with.

A Look at the Week March 25

Our class earned a reward for doing excellently in their specials. Here they are enjoying the break from all of our learning.

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March 16

Week of March 18

Good evening,

The coming weeks will be busy, we are getting through as much curriculum before we head to spring break in April. Please make sure your child is coming to school, expect when feeling unwell.

I will be out on Wednesday for my last Literacy workshop. After each one, I have used some of the strategies I learned about with your children and they have been very receptive to them.

A Look at the Week March 18

Have a great Saturday and Sunday!

We had a great time at Cranbrook Museum last week!



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March 9

Week of March 11

Good morning!

Next week we have our field trip, so I am extra excited! We are headed to Cranbrook Institute of Science on Thursday. We need 3-4 chaperones, depending on how many students sign up. Please see the office for a background check first.

A Look at the Week March 11

We spent some time Thursday reading to Mrs. Whalen’s 3rd grade class. Students did amazingly and the 3rd graders enjoyed the attention.

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March 3

Week of March 4

Good morning,

I don’t have any reminders right now, but if Mr. Awada sends out an email I will update.

We will be doing a mid-module math assessment sometime this week, either Thursday or Friday.

A Look at the Week March 4


Have a great rest of your Sunday!

*Some outdoor recess pictures and one of Youssef trying out the portrait mode of my phone.

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February 24

SRTS Meeting Communication – Mr. Awada

Greetings Miller Families,

As a community we’ve had wonderful success in establishing safe and consistent traffic guidelines and expectations for the Miller Community.  Thank you for the continued commitment to student safety and support with traffic initiatives.

Over the past two years the Miller PTA and Administration have teamed up to pursue a $200,000 Safe Routes to School Grant, which will further improve traffic flow and establish safe walking and biking paths for Miller students.   

We are entering a critical stage in the grant process and we need your support.  A Community Forum will be held in the Miller Cafeteria on Tuesday February 26, 2019 from 2 – 3:30 p.m.  Community attendance, feedback and active participation at this meeting is critical to successfully securing the Safe Routes to School Grant. Thank you in advance for taking the time to be part of the positive change we seek for our children and community.  We look forward to seeing you Tuesday February 26, 2019 at 2 p.m.



Radewin Awada – Principal

Miller Elementary

Translation in Arabic below.

SRTS Meeting Communication

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