February 10

Week of February 11th

Good evening!

I have to keep this short, because my husband is waiting for me to play some video games 🙂 Bin is in bed, and it’s time to relax.


  • We are DONE NWEA and DRA testing! Many have passed their individual goals, while 5 student surpassed all 4 of their test goals! Congratulations to those 5 – Wessam, Amani, Eman A., Elena, and Layla!


  • Half day Thursday and no school Friday and Monday the 18th.
  • Dress warm, because the temperature is going to drop again.
  • Please do not send students with fevers to school! Luckily we have not passed back and forth any germs yet, but the germs are out there.
  • Math test is tomorrow! We did a practice test/study guide on Thursday and Friday.
  • Social Studies test is coming up, but not until the week of the 18th.

Have a great week!

A Look at the Week February 11

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February 1

Week of February 4th

Good evening!


I am writing super early because my internet keeps going down. 🙁 Today is the fist day we’ve had any since last weekend.


  • We are continuing NWEA. They extended the deadline to Wednesday, so please make sure students are well rested next week.
  • We are getting close to the end of the math module, so a test will be soon.
  • The weather is warming up, but remember students still need to be coming to school in a coat and accessories. If the temperatures are above 20, we will be outside breathing in the fresh air.
  • We have run out of tissues and hand sanitizer, please please please if you can donate a box or bottle for our class to stay germ free, we would appreciate it.
  • If there happens to be another snow or cold day, please have your child work on ZEARN or iReady to keep their minds learning.

Once Mr. Awada sends any reminders for next week, I will update.  Have a great weekend!


A Look at the Week February 4

January 26

Week of January 28th

Good afternoon,

I hope everyone is enjoying their COLD Saturday. There is a possibility of snow coming soon and I am looking forward to some hot chocolate and pajamas.


  • It is getting COLD please make sure your child comes to school bundled up.
  • FLU seasons is around us. Remind your child to wash their hands at home, and if they have a fever, please keep them home. School work can be made up, they’re better off relaxing instead of anxious at school passing their germs to everyone else.
  • WE HAVE RUN OUT OF TISSUES AND HAND SANITIZER! Please consider donating a box or bottle to help keep the germs at bay.
  • This is the last week of testing for NWEA. Students are showing some great growth between the fall and now.
  • Report cards were sent home on Friday. Please review your child’s results and sign and return the envelop.

A Look at the Week January 28


Have a great rest of your weekend!


* Students working hard on comparing the Colonial Colonies using text that we annotated in their notebooks.

* Hard at work on our NWEA winter assessment.

* The boys say this is their ultimate masterpiece. They used about a box of colored chalk to get this done during indoor recess.

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January 22

Week of January 21st

Good super early morning! The snow knocked my internet down, and I am finally able to get online. I hope everyone else was warm and safe.


  • Continuing to NWEA this week and next
  • Tuesday is half a day, dismissal is 11:35
  • Mobile dentist will be in the building this week

A Look at the Week January 21

Outdoor Science Investigation

Students earned their class reward and voted on extra outdoor recess. It was fun but cold.

Student of the Month, Bucketfillers, and NWEA awards

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January 13

Week of January 14

Good Sunday afternoon!


  • Mid year testing has begun! We are doing iReady reading tests, DRA to determine reading levels, and NWEA reading, math, language, and science. On top of that we are doing our regular spelling and other tests. So please make sure students are getting plenty to sleep, and have had a healthy breakfast in order to show their best work on their tests.
  • Students have an assembly to recognize their great work on Monday afternoon.
  • I will be out Wednesday for a district workshop. The workshop targets literacy and helping your children. I will leave detailed subplans so that they do not lose any instruction time.
  • I have mentioned this before, but please please PLEASE send students dressed for the cold. We have outdoor recess if it is not rainy, muddy, or below 20 degrees. The fresh air is good for them, but they need to bundle up.
  • 1/2 Day Friday, January 18th Dismissal is 11:45
  • No School Monday, January 20th in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • PTA Meeting Friday, January 18th at 9-10

A Look at the Week January 14


Have a great rest of your weekend.

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January 5

Week of January 7

Hello! I hope everyone had a great and relaxing winter break with their families. I happened to get sick, then healthy but with a sick husband and toddler, then I caught their cold, and am back healthy and looking forward to Monday!


  • Mr. Awada has not sent out his weekly email yet, so I have no clue what may pop up next week!
  • We have about a week and a half of math lessons before our next test. I’ll give a clearer date when we settle back into our routines.
  • It has not snowed much their winter yet, but the forecast says it will be a cold wet and snowy midwest winter. Please make sure your child is bundled up, we will be going out for recess until the weather closes us in.
  • The school provides healthy snacks Monday-Thursday. Please make sure your child is coming to school with a healthy choice or have them take from the fruits we are provided. The unhealthy snacks may taste delicious, but a classroom of 27 students who are hopped up on sugars is not a classroom anyone wants to be in.
  • Testing – NWEA, DRA, and iReady Diagnostic are coming soon.


A Look at the Week January 7


Have a great rest of your weekend! Rest up, because we start at full force on Monday!

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December 16

Week of December 17

Good morning!

This is the last week before winter break! Let’s end 2018 on a high note. But before:


  • Monday will continue the bake sale for Yemen.
  • Next week is spirit week. $1 participation for each day.
    • Monday – Crazy Hair Day
    • Tuesday – Hate Day
    • Wednesday – Sports Day
    • Thursday – Holiday Spirit – wear red and green
    • Friday – Pajama Day
  • Math homework has been daily, so make sure your child is doing it along with weekly spelling homework

A Look at the Week December 17

Have a great rest of your Sunday!

December 9

Week of December 10

Happy Sunday!

It’s been a great weekend and I hope everyone is rested and ready for the 2 weeks before winter break. Please make sure students are getting enough sleep these next 2 weeks, because cranky students make the short weeks before the break seem extra long.


  • Late start on Wednesday
  • PTA Meeting Friday at 9
  • Arabic School Registration this Friday from 12 – 5 p.m. in the Main Lobby
  • Please please please send students to school with a jacket and accessories! Outdoor recess can get bitterly cold without a warm coat.
  • Healthy snacks are provided by the school Monday-Thursday. Do no send chips, cookies, donuts, etc. with your child. If they are graving the sugar, let them have it at home after school.

That’s about it. Have a great remainder of your day.

A Look at the Week December 10


Outdoor recess fun. Brrrr it was chilly.

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December 2

Week of December 3

Good Sunday morning!


  • Scholastic Book Fair is this week
  • Wednesday is picture retakes for students who missed the original picture day
  • Friday is Movie Night with Incredibles 2
  • Science test coming up soon. We have the last section to go over and then we will take our test next week.

We had our November PBIS party on Friday and please encourage your students to continue the good behavior for our December celebration. Thank you parents and guardians who sent in snacks for our party buffet. We filled our bellies and relaxed in front of a movie.

Please continue pushing your child and helping to shape them as the awesome human beings they are meant to be! Have great rest of your weekend.

A Look at the Week December 3

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