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2018-19 marks the beginning of our new Math curriculum called, Eureka Math.

Please make sure that your child practices memorization skills for basic, quick math operations.  Children should be able to add and subtract quickly, the 0-10 facts.  For multiplication and division, they should memorize their facts through the 12’s.    This is important so that they do not get “hung-up” on basic operations, when doing higher-order math problems that require many steps and/or math operations and functions.

You may click on links below to practice Math Skills:

Need Math Help?

Try Math is Fun!

Go here to check out all kinds of cool websites that work with interactive manipulatives!

Check out theseFAMILY MATH CHALLENGES! Post your results on the comments section!

Check out NumberNut!

Check out these cool websites for math facts!

Choose what you want to practice!

More math fact practice

Even MORE math fact practice!

Multiplication Practice

Speed Grid-Addition

Speed Grid-Subtraction

Speed Grid Multiplication

Timed Math Facts

Beat the Calculator ~Choose your own level!

Math Mayhem Remember~only use your first name on the internet! I got 715 on multiplication. Beat it!

Mathcar Racing Fun multiplication fact practice!

Interactive Multiplication Facts Table

Math Baseball Set it for medium or hard!

Divisibility Rules

Multiple Digit Addition

Multiple Digit Subtraction

Counting On~5s

Counting Back~5s

Math Fact Shoot Out



Math Algorithms

How to:  Partial Sums Method  for Addition, Trade First Method for Subtraction, Lattice Method for Multiplication, Partial Products Method for Multiplication, Partial Quotients Method for Division, Column Division

Place Value Practice

Place Value Shoot Out

Place Value

Mystery Picture

One False Move I got 775. Can you beat me?


Comparing Large Numbers

Mean, Median and Range and Statistics

Mean, Median and Range practice

How do you make a line plot?

Virtual Dice


Seashell rounding

Hangman rounding

Rounding Flashcards


Puzzles and Logic

Power Lines

Logic Problems

Factors, Multiples, Squares and Primes

Square numbers

Multiples of 10

Factors, Multiples, Primes

Factors and Multiples

Prime factorization game

Prime factorization game


Subtracting Decimals




Adding decimals

Comparing decimals

Place value of decimals

Relating decimals to fractions

Relating fractions to decimals

Converting Fractions to Decimals

Converting Fractions to Decimals~Video Clip


Fraction-Decimal Conversion Table

Comparing and Ordering Fractions~Video Clip

Using a Ruler to Find Fractions~Video Clip

Pattern Block Fractions

Addition~Like Denominators

Addition~Unlike Denominators

Addition with Unlike Denominators Practice

Addition~Mixed Numbers

Adding Fractions~Video Clip

How to Do Addition and Subtraction of Mixed Numbers~Video Clip

Adding Mixed Numbers~Video Clip

Adding Mixed Numbers~Video Clip 2

Adding Mixed Numbers~Video Clip 3

Homework Help:  Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers

Practice:  Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers with Like Denominators

Subtraction~Like Denominators

Subtraction~Different Denominators

Subtraction~Mixed Numbers

Subtracting Mixed Numbers with Like Denominators~Video Clip

Subtracting Mixed Numbers with Like Denominators~Video Clip 2

Subtracting Mixed Numbers with Unlike Denominators~Video Clip

Multiplying Mixed Numbers~Video Clip

Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers~Video Clip

Equivalent Fractions

Comparing Unlike Denominators

Least Common Denominator

Least Common Multiple


Reducing Fractions~Video Clip

Order of Operations

Video Clip for Order of Operations

Practice Order of Operations

Which Operation Comes First?

The Problem Site

Basket Math

The Albert Einstein Show

Order of Operations Millionaire


Comparing Prices

What is interest?

Geometry, Coordinates, Area and Volume


Billy Bug

Planet Hop

Drawing Tools

Area of a Parallelogram

Area of a Triangle

Challenge Problems for Area

Shape Surveyor

Capacity and Metric Measurement

How to Find the Area of a Rectangle Video Clip

Volume (Metric Units)

Finding the Area of Cube Nets


How Do You Find Volume?  Video Clip

The Volume Song!


The Volume Movie

Conversion Table for Units of Measurement

Formulas for Area, Volume and Surface Area

Virtual drawing tools

Geometric flashcards

Puzzle Parlor

Estimating Angle Measurements My best is 50 bananas. Can you beat me?

Help with Angles


Bathroom Tiles

Angles Brain Pop Movie

Information about Circles

Scientific Notation and Place Value

What is Scientific Notation?

Practice with Scientific Notation

Game~How Fast Can You Do Scientific Notation?

Reviewing Exponents

Mathematical Expressions Video Clip


Reading Bar Graphs

Reading Line Graphs

Reading a Table



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