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The State Reports are due on Monday, March 16, 2020. I have attached the requirements of the power point slides and rubric (point values for each slide) and grading scale below (you may click on the link to open it up and print it at home, if you wish). Each student will be required to present their power point to the class, beginning next week and will also be given a “speaking grade” and “listening grade” (as an audience member) during presentation times.

Each student has their own spelling list for the week and a Spelling Contract to be completed in the week, which consists of daily assignments utilizing their spelling lists.  The contract (assignments) consists of doing ABC Order for their list, writing each word in a sentence, and then 2–4 more assignments of the student’s choice (as long as the 2-4 assignments total to 40 points).   A test will then be given on their lists on each Friday, unless otherwise waived by myself.Each student should be reading every night, a book of choice, for a minimal time of 30 minutes per night.  Students may use Moby Max program to read for their 30 minutes.  Students may have other homework each night, but it will be recorded in their planners as given on a day-to-day basis.  They will not always have other homework every night for ELA.

You may click on links below to practice Language Arts skills:

Reading Comprehension Quiz

Vocabulary in Context Quiz

Reading Strategies Quiz

How good are you at making predictions?

Noting Details

Drawing Conclusions

Making Inferences

Making Inferences game

Compare and Contrast

Compare and Contrast game

Compare and Contrast 2

Author’s Purpose

Author’s Purpose Video Clip

Author’s Purpose 2

Cause and Effect

Main Idea

Main Idea 2

Main Idea 3

Main Idea and Details

Main Idea Song


Context Clues

Context Clues 2


Story Elements

Narrative Elements

Narrative Elements 2

Fact and Opinion


Summarize and Paraphrase

Compound Words



Prefixes and Suffixes

Prefixes and Suffixes 2


Multiple Meaning Words

Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms and Antonyms 2

Synonyms and Antonyms 3

Parts of Speech

What are adjectives?

Adjectives~School House Rock

Adjectives Song

What are adverbs?

Adverbs~School House Rock

Adverbs Song

What are conjunctions?

Conjunctions~School House Rock

What are interjections?

More interjections

Interjections~School House Rock

What are nouns?

More Nouns

Nouns Song

Nouns~School House Rock

Forming Plural Nouns

Forming Plural Nouns with -es

Forming Plural Nouns with -s

Common and Proper Nouns

Proper Nouns and Capitalization

Possessive Nouns

What are prepositions?

More prepositions

Prepositions~School House Rock

What are pronouns?

More pronouns

Pronouns~School House Rock

Personal Pronouns

Prepositions of Location

What are subjects and predicates?

Subjects and Predicates~School House Rock

What are verbs?

Verbs~School House Rock

Verbs song

Irregular Verbs Quiz

Quotation Marks

Quotation marks song


Tanka Information



Examples of Metaphors

More Examples of Metaphors

Metaphor Mini Quiz

Main Idea Video Clip

Diamante Poem Activity

National Monuments

Reading Links:

Inflectional Endings

Inflectional Endings 2





Trace List in Steps
Analyze Break Apart
Infer Read between the lines
Evaluate Judge
Formulate Create
Describe Tell all about
Support Back up with details
Explain Tell how
Summarize Give me the short version
Compare All the ways they are alike
Contrast All the ways they are different
Predict What will happen next

Tall Tales Website


Judy Blume Website

Contractions Concentration Game

Online Contraction Quiz

Online Contraction Quiz #2

Online Contraction Quiz #3

Online Contraction Quiz #4

Check out this sitethen take the quiz at the end. Show me your final score!

Check out this quiz!Remember to show me your final score.

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