Office Hours

As I have been doing, I will continue to check and respond to emails in the morning and again later in the day on school days . Emails sent after normal school hours may not be answered until the next day. If you need to speak with me or ask a question that you need a quick answer to I will also have “office hours” twice a week.

Office hours will be Wednesdays from 12 pm-1 pm and Fridays from 12 pm- 1 pm. I have a Google voice number set up on an old cell phone working through WiFi. I do not have this phone with me normally and it won’t ring but I can give you the number to text that phone if you email me. (Blogs are public so I am not sharing the number here.) I will only have that phone in front of me during office hours. You can email me and request a call as well during this time.

Please do not think you are limited to only office hours if you need help or need to speak with me. Email me if you need to speak with me or you have a question. For parents who do not have email your child can email me telling me their parent would like me to call. I will call back as soon as possible during normal school hours.

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