Week of Feb 10-15 (Oops!)

This week we finished and turned in:

  • The Rainmaker sheet (The lab with the bowls)-Mon/Tues
  • The water cycle bellwork sheet.-Wed/Thurs
  • The cloud article- Wed/Thurs
  • The cloud close and critical reading sheet- Wed/Thurs

We worked on a lesson 4-5 organizer (matter chart) and they took it to study for their lesson 4 matter quiz Wed/Thurs.

We worked on a “comic strip/ graphic novel” version of the melting ice cube (An Ice Cube’s Adventure) but I have not collected these yet.- Wed/Thurs/Fri

On Friday my B-day students also worked on a partner project about phase change but this was not homework.

I will update grades some time during break next week.

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