Mon 1/27-Tues 1/28

New bellwork sheet- do day 1

We talked about the need to have the correct answers on assignments and on the ISN so that kids have correct answers to study for tests and quizzes. For this reason we went over the matter simulation answers once again so kids could fix their answers.

I explained the grading on the quizzes and returned them to kids. The score will not match the one in the computer because the quiz was graded on a rubric not points like normal.

Classes that hadn’t done the matter chart finished that and turned it in. Core 2B also did a matter reading that should have been finished in class. There were 7 matter vocab words they put into their ISN (p. 27-28.) Most classes have plenty of time to finish this in class but a few classes had less time and might need to finish for homework.

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