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A message from Mr. Attee

Dear Families below is a copy of Mr. Attee’s recent DuVall Blog post! In order for your child to participate in physical virtual activity this year we must complete the following form online. Thank you very much. If you do not belong to Mr. Attee’s DuVall blog, please subscribe for up to date DuVall information:

Physical Education Waivers

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Dear DuVall Families,

The Dearborn Public School District and our schools need your help.  In order to participate virtually in physical education this school year, parents and students will need to sign the DEARBORN PUBLIC SCHOOLS PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT WAIVER/RELEASE FOR INJURY AND/OR COMMUNICABLE DISEASES INCLUDING COVID-19.  Please read and sign the waiver by Friday, September 11th by clicking on this link.  

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