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Week of 6-1-2020

Dear Families,

I hope you had a great weekend with your family! It was such a nice day and looks like the weather will continue to be nice for the week! How exciting! Here are some announcements for this week.

*June 2nd “Desk/Personal Belongings pick up: I went into the classroom last week and packed up anything left in all the student seat sacks such as personal pencil boxes, file folder of a few cute writing samples, and pieces of work I have been keeping (I usually give it all out at the end of the year as a “memory” file to show all the growth)! Our time is from 2:00pm-2:20pm. However, if you have a child in Mrs Ross’s classroom you can pick up that bag at the same time or towards the end of my time.

*Returning Red Reading Packs: When you come to get your child’s personal belongings on June 2nd this is the perfect time to return your child’s reading pack, books, and laminated sight word card bag! You may keep the binder ring sight word card list. I thank you all so much for doing this and don’t worry, your child will remain in my Raz-Kids account all summer until next year begins. So they will have access to hundreds of books.

*Library Check Out Books: One June 2nd when you come to pick up your child’s personal items please bring back any DuVall Media books if your child still has any library books still at home.

*This week’s assignments: This week your child will only be given math and language arts assignments with a due date of Friday June 5th. Although I will not be assigning any new science, social studies and spelling activities I will continue to accept any past due assignments. Assignments are not considered late and still welcome any assignments.

-Math lessons: Eureka lessons 29-31

-LA: Dolphins and Sharks

-Writer’s Workshop: Would you rather be a dolphin or a shark?

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