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Week of 3-30-2020

Dear Families,

I hope this message finds you well. What uncertain times we find ourselves in. I am hoping to bring some kind of normalcy to your child’s routine with our weekly close reads. During this quarantine, I have been facetiming/calling/texting family and friends. I hope and pray about my family and friends that are nurses, doctors, essential workers, and the most vulnerable. Please do no hesitate to reach out if your child needs any assistance joining the google classroom, zern or any other site I’ve recommended.
Ms Shapas

A Message from Mr. Attee: Spirit Week!
Next week will be our first Remote or Virtual Spirit Week!  We miss all of you and want to see that everyone is at home staying healthy and learning. 
Monday, March 30: 
 Helping in the Kitchen Day:   Share a picture of your child helping in the kitchen. You can help make breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack! Don’t forget to write a recipe!

Tuesday, March 31:  Read a Book with a Pet/ Stuffed Animal Day:  Share a photo of your child reading with a family pet or favorite stuffed animal!

Wednesday, April 1:   Wacky Hair Day: Share a picture of your child with his or her wackiest hairstyle!  

Thursday, April 2:  Write a Letter/Postcard to a Senior Citizen Day:  Send a positive message to a senior citizen to help brighten his or her day!Please make a card and or write a letter to a senior citizen at The Henry Ford Village. The Program Manager and they would love to receive cards from boys and girls. Great chance to practice letter writing—they can be written to:Dear Friend,The mailing address is:Connie Coleman15051 Ford RoadDearborn, Michigan48126

Friday, April 3:  Enjoy the Fresh Air Day:   Share a picture of your child enjoying the fresh air or do something to show our planet you care! Ex. Make a birdfeeder, plant a baby tree, or plant a seed.

LA: I have written another language arts lesson plan for you to use for the week with a new trade book! Thank you so much to the students that have joined our google classroom! I hope you were able to access some great material for your little one! If you have not yet joined
*You just need to type in the classroom code to join! As always I will continue providing the materials and you can use them. Although I don’t need to collect anything, as always I love receiving the pics of your hard and creative workers and giving feedback.

Miss Shapas’s Google Class Code: 5ohwypl

Spelling word Family -it family (bit, fit, hit, kit, lit, pit, sit)
Ideas to practice word families: rainbow writing, pyramid writing, roll and write, dry erase markers, magnetic letters, shaving cream tracing, q-tip painting words
Close Read Text: Be Kind (Pat Zitlow Miller)
Week Standard Objective: I can ask and answer questions about key details in a text.
Weeks “I Can” statements:
I can identify the reason why the author wrote the story.
I can explain why it is important to be kind to others.
Week Theme: Kindness
Essential Questions:
 Can be asked orally. Remember to encourage your child to respond with complete sentences.
Q: What was the author’s purpose for writing the story?
Q: Why is it important to be kind to others?
Comprehension Strategy: Making connections, inferencing
-independent practice connections: (inferencing) What can you infer about how the world would be different if people showed more kindness?
-independent practice connections: Illustrate how someone has shown you kindness.
Phonemic Awareness Objective: Substituting Beginning Sounds
-State the word to your child: “I’m going to say a word, and you will change the sound at the beginning of the word. Then you will tell me the new word!” Do about 5 words per day!
example: kit- take away the /k/ put in a /m/……..mit
words: jam-/r/, bed-/r/, pot-/r/, him-/r/, tub-/r/, bad-/h/, gem-/h/, sit-/h/, log-/h/, cut-/h/, hum-/s/, cod-/s/, bet-/s/, hip-/s/, bag/s/, hop/t/, cab-/t/, hen-/t/, cub-/t/, rip-/t/, get-/b/, fog-/b/, cat-/b/, tug-/b/, kid-/b/
*Journal Writing Ideas: Connection: Illustrate how someone has shown you kindness and write about it!
*Poem: Please Be Kind (I read the poem each day with the students identifying sight words we know as well as rhyming words)

Please Be Kind
Always be kind to others.
There’s many things you can do.
When you are kind to others,
They’ll be kind to you.

Help them if they fall.
Cheer them up if they are down.
Please be kind to others.
Be nice to everyone around!

On google classroom there will be the original lesson plan for you to click on and access everything! It is amazing and will map out the flow from Monday-Friday and all the materials you will need for the book. As always, I would love to see a pic if you can snap one and share but the lessons do not need to be returned to me. Enjoy and please do NOT hesitate to reach out with any technical issues! Have a wonderful and SAFE week everyone.

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